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There is a wind coming
And a September too
Trees will be Naked
I worry

In May

In May
When the moon is full
isn’t it time too many things happening
Do forest fairies still write? – On soft petals
listening to dhamma chanting.
When that moon is blooming
Making silver reflections on the flood water
Do you still think of the face? -said so symmetrical
gazing from the distance.

Singing Birds

I used to sing to a singing bird
A popular song- in the mornings and nights
The song says: Dear bird, you don’t know:
The status of ‘a heart in love’
I too have someone to love me
I too have someone I love…
Remember the bird
I converse with
It was hoping on the window sill- beneath the cage- today
It looked up at me and sang – in a shrill cry
Piercing through the veneer of my heart
The song said: he fell out of love…he fell out of love…
It is a little bird
sing pretty songs only it can compose,
and with eyes like tiny two rubies lost in mud.
I want to sing to it my song again
with a new chorus: I still have someone to love me
I still have someone I love
He was lost in the woods for a while
Now he is back.
Can you find your way back? Soon!

Life Without Parole

The love you said: you’d do no matter what;
I can’t see or hear anywhere
In this endless open empty confine
I don’t know how my side went up
On a scale measuring unconditional love
Was I a fool to believe the oath which we took together;
meant that I could be honest
to tell nothing but the truth-if I was to judged by?
Was that really you sitting on that supreme seat
ordered me to choose between :nothing and incarceration
for Life without parole!


I can’t lasso the moon
I cannot stop
it shines so bright is it a sin
if I sneak out sometimes
to bathe in its light
Instead of closing the window so tight

I can’t lasso the moon,
no, i cannot;
but i sneak out at times
to bathe in its light;
i don’t shut the window,
no i don’t
it is no sin,
is it?