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A Bear And My Daughter

I watch my daughter
placing a bear honey jar
next to her
She so thrilled
in a shrill yells:
“mommy, mommy,
I am taller than a bear”

To Kapilan

When you said
At 10 you were inside
A war camp
Watching world cup
I shrunk baby
I really did
And I don’t know
How to inflate back.
I picture you waiting
Without power
In a freshly rescued village
Or should I say homestead of yours
Until the Army generator
Turn the magic box on
that day
My brother, friend
War is a mother fucker
We both were
Supposed to be numbed
I don’t know who control this universe
It’s neither gods nor us
But let me pray in Tamil you teach me
At least we win this world cup!

PS: “I love you, dirty rotten ‘madayan’

To A Friend (Better if I rubbed this mouth On High Level Road)!

It hurts to read you/
Your stubborn heart
Masked with politics
Scripted after thinking (in English)
Perhaps my education in a process
Ruining the creative mind
But friends, despite gender,
are inherently intuitive
You young ass,
Confide to screw entire world
Waiting like a scare crow,
to welcome ‘home (never) coming queen’
Why not we just abduct
Willing little pretty thing
to make you live
Happily ever after
or to make things easier
for the pretending bitch.
You don’t need a swamp
Of yours
When full of what
A real woman needs.


අහර පිස නිම කොට
වැසිකිළිත් සෝදා
ගෙබිම මැද
දරුවන්ට කතා කියවා
වතුර නාගත් කල
හිටියට වඩා
සනීපය මට.


Snow falls on bright spring mornings
Frenzied waves wash out corners
Of gentlest heavens
Warmed up earth melting glaziers-
Gets ready for unknown rest
Claimed revolutionists watch
and let the country divide.
(March 2011)