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It’s an abyss- the time

Summer is not the time
Others wake up before the sun
By the time little birds open beaks
The dew was already consumed

It’s an abyss- the time
Between temperature changes early in the day
In that one shouldn’t walk down the memory lane
Going through own written words or of a felo-de-se

Do they scream?
Those who fall inside such cracks
Or sip tea and freeze more
Cos it cools you down like ice cream
Licked in turns healing old wounds
Giving fresh pain and new rosy scars

“Scars don’t come from stars”
A good friend says in a book¹
It’s not true I got mine from one

Summer sky perhaps is full of stars
But I wouldn’t watch, as I said time is an abyss
Even late in the day
When temperature changes in reverse way

¹ Their Autopsy by Vihanga Perera

විය යුතුය!

ජීවිතය දුක් බර විය යුතුය
ඇය සොඳුරු වී
පෙම්වතා නපුරු විය යුතුය
හඳ නම් කෙසේ වත් නොපායා
කලු වලාකුළු නිතර
වැසි ගෙන ආ යුතුය
හමන සුළඟත් බොහෝ රළු වී
මල් පෙති ඔහේ විසිරිය යුතුය!
ගෙදර,එය නොසෙල්වී තිබිය යුතුමය
චිත්‍රපට බලා එන විට!!!


Rain we used to get wet with no boots or coats
In our white tennis shoes soaked
and all the way up to skinny boned knees
The same rain: never gave us pneumonia
no matter what parents said
but the indescribable pleasure in those puddles
had that color of a well brewed Ceylon tea
The same rain: we tried not to get wet from
Snuggling each other under the umbrella; kept like a treasure
we knew rain is not the only thing gets us wet
Remember sometime later,
rain was painting past on the window sill
Sigh , sigh, sit down and watch
Sipping cuppa crossing your legs then smile, may be.
Then there is this rain: in spring, on a sick day
Two weeks grocery and two kids on Easter break
Your mother’s words “Rain makes kids sick”
rhyme in the ear like a rap with a gun to the head
but I wonder what happens when they shower every day
Keep the kids dry, forget the garlic bread anyway
They snuggled under the Chinese umbrella
Walk in the car park, I pity no puddles for them
Soaked this time top to toe it’s my turn again
Hell with the no-hooded jacket and thin fashion boots
Still funny how come I don’t get that pneumonia mom said?

වචන කන්දක්

ඔබ කන්දක් උඩම හිටගෙන
එකවරම පයෙන් ඇන
මා වෙතට විසිකල ද
කැට කැබිළි වාගේ
වචන දෙක තුන,
මේ පැතළි තලාවේ මා
ශබ්ද කෝෂය
පෙරළුව ද
දන්නේ දැන හිටිය