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නොසිඳිය යුතුයි කිනිත්තෙන්
සොඳුරු සමනලුන්
රොන් ලද යුතුයි කැමත්තෙන්

Their Jungle.

n6We have a small wooded area in our back yard. In the middle of neighbors’ manicured suburban backyards it’s a bit odd thing (some people think). When we moved in, we also thought that we needed to do something about it. Which means clear off the woods and turn it in to a back yard with pavings, play sets, outdoor furniture, etc. However a few months after we moved in to this place we realized our children are having an adventure in the wooded area and they call it the jungle. I’m sure in their eyes it’s an adventurous place. When they play in their jungle they get mosquito bites, they scrape their bony arms and legs, and they have to be careful of poison Ivy. They think squirrels are haunted. Our son says he is going to find a snake or some sort of a dangerous animal. He might even say that they have a bear in one of those bushes while my daughter looks for wild flowers for me. When neighborhood kids come to play, they too go to the jungle. Because we were not bubble wrapped as children our children are also not in any bubbles. They are allowed to be free in their world. Through the window we the adults watch their innocence. We won’t develop their jungle unless if we can develop in to a better jungle, until they are grown up enough to see how small that wood is.

Today when I came home after a morning walk, soon as I stepped on the back deck a blue color bird landed on the woodpecker feeder. As it’s a feeder for certain birds and it’s a new one I was thrilled. But the bird and I both took by surprise and backed off without knowing what to do. Then I decided to base in the kitchen today for writing. I sat near the window so that I could keep an eye on the bird feeder. I opened the doors and window curtains and got the camera ready. I was amazed by the things I saw and the calls I heard. I spotted many colorful birds I don’t know, and watched chipmunks, rabbits and mischievous squirrels. They even signed other animals in an alarming way when I stepped on to the deck.

Those tiny creatures were busy doing whatever they were doing in this morning. It was their time and world and I was the stranger. I started taking photos of some of them but then got lost in the pleasure of watching them and forgot photographing.

The blue bird didn’t return today. But another one came. Maybe some other day blue bird will find the way back. We both have to watch each other and pick perfect timing, for the bird to get to the feeder and for me to photograph it.

Now we have sun gleaming and the yard is calm. I understand why previous owners kept the jungle as it is. Perhaps they too liked the natural peacefulness, tiny creatures and their songs. They too had kids and perhaps it was their jungle too.

While I drank coffee outside, it felt like heavenly peace even though this love I’m falling in for solitary is also some sort of an inclination towards worldly things.

Still I want these animals to get used to me. When they see me I want the Squirrel to change the tone of their alarm call and tell others ‘don’t worry it’s just her’. When they return to their nests and burrows in the yard, I want them to tell their next generation babies not to be afraid of me. Until then I wish I had a better zoom lens and I knew cat walk so that I could picture their and my joy to share with all of you without disturbing them.