Romeo & Juliet was a love story

When the train stopped without a signal you got off
to pick a sunflower for me.
The sun told me “he is a good kid but don’t let your heart be broken”,
But that sun has become a black hole too soon.
Heartbroken himself and without knowing yours or my kids
At fifteen you were everything to me
But isn’t a Juliet in love with a good kid a tragedy?

Yes. you are way too good
It’s only in dark tunnels, under unlit door frames
Morality is violated.
We are both good otherwise. Too informed
of science and human values;
Wise, less romantic souls we are
And you tell me that you are happy,
So that I should find mine
Then you run your finger through my spine,
Paralyzing me so that I can lie for the rest of my life
Thinking of what we have not done.


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