Anumpama Godakanda wants to know what I think about her poetry. October 2014

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I read Anumpama Godakanda’s poetry collection several times hoping to figure out the message she intends to deliver to the audience with her verses. But as Jim Morrison said “Listen, real poetry doesn’t say anything, it just ticks off the possibilities. Open all doors. You can walk through any one that suits you” and Anupama Godakanda’s poetry appeals to me because they don’t lament-at all! Even when she talks about her lonesomeness or the lonesome in general it doesn’t sound like a sad song. Instead it is a song of acceptance of the reality while opening a door for a broad view but not an invitation into a private life.

Godakanda’s poetry covers a sociopolitical aspect with a strong standpoint and she shows that she knows what she is talking about. It seems that she is not ready to take the best next seat behind male writers in the country but she is eager to discuss and let her views be discussed while she sits at the front. In some of her poetry she seems she takes things a little personal and also she under-estimates her reader because she tries to explain some things too much instead of letting the reader to ‘just google’ it. However, I find it in a positive way because I feel Godakanda’s enthusiasm does not want any reader to feel left alone. Since her poetry is published already online we already get to witness the way readers criticize her work constructively and also based on emotional connection. Perhaps that’s what Jim Morrison told about opening doors with poetry to suit each and every one.

Somehow Godakanda has already begun to build a platform and be exposed in the literary world though she has not yet published in the printed form. Godakanda may have studied creative writing and may be following the tips and tricks by experts, such as keeping it to the simplest style while letting the deepest thoughts be understood without the help of a dictionary, explanations or any other foot note. Perhaps she is a naturally blessed with an non complex yet lucid way of leaving words fall free and run towards their destination like small creeks, or like streams that flow without a loud roaring but which, in the end, feed the vast ocean. Her poetry is inspired by good reads but relates to timely discussable topics leaving an image of a brave, strong, creative writer instead of being a feminist or any other activist.

Godakanda, does not have the habit of writing a poem on every flower, moon, or a dew drop she comes across on her way to work. She wants the readers to know the mature woman is like any other mature man sees the world: not through a tunnel. Because of the same reason Anupama Godakanda’s poetry collection is a remarkable read though they remain intimate and close to her heart.


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