If you see a nightmare or if you dream something unusual in the previous night– Sri Lankan people believe– next morning it should be told to a plant with thorns: naturally, a Lime Tree which can be found in anybody’s back yard in Sri Lanka. They believe that way they can avoid any misfortune going to happen if that dream means something.
Dreams are unusual – nobody knows exactly what they mean though there are many dream interpreters and interpretations. It was quite natural for people to feel apprehension over dreams. It’s just like: a long time ago when people were still primitive living closer to the nature, they were quite not sure about the things like: ocean, sky, deep jungles still weren’t explored or understood or experienced as powerful by them. That fear or uncertainty made them associate these things with sacredness or supernaturality. I believe that’s how people in Sri Lanka also came to tell their dreams to a Lime Tree.
As a child I kind of liked the idea of telling dreams to a tree. And now I also see a scientific explanation in the habit. For me talking to a Lime Tree was more like going to a therapist /shrink which helps you to take out what’s in the chest – things that you can’t tell anyone; that you are ashamed of; you are not confident enough ; things you plan and love but still want to keep as secrets. Whispering to a tangible object like a tree won’t be like a sacramental confession but it will be nice to ease your mind without being judged sometimes. I’m pretty sure secrets are safe with Lime trees unlike Bamboo trees.
For a reason when I was growing up, my mother was against having a Lime Tree. She had another belief. I have no idea! Where the hell that came from! Man! I’m from a place where people have so many beliefs. My mother believes lime trees are bad omens which can bring a lot of mishap only to the head of the house– naturally the ‘husband ‘in Sri Lankan culture. I still remember when we were passing neighbors or relatives garden if there was a tree full of Lime; she would say in low voice showing her displeasure “ wali vage gedi pirila, honda lakunak nevei” meaning : the tree is full of fruits, not really a good sign. As a child I wondered all the time isn’t it a good sign– if this tree is telling you something bad that is going to happen to the man of the house, now they can do something to protect him.
So now you understand how much I liked Lime Trees. I wanted a Lime Tree but never had one–still wanted one. Since I was raised not to break the rules though I love to break rules still I don’t have the guts to have a real Lime tree (hope you get how nicely my mother played her cards). I’m still thinking and reluctant what if my Lime tree would bring misfortune to the head of our house.
So that’s why I’ve created this cyber Lime Tree of mine to tell everything I want to ‘whenever’ I feel like. If I had a real Lime Tree I have to say whatever I have to say to it soon as I wake up without talking to anybody before – in the old Sri Lankan way. It is not possible and you know why. But it is 100% possible for me to open my lap top to get connected to the net to talk to ‘A Lime Tree’ which I wanted to share with everyone while sitting at the kitchen table until I hear the silence of the kettle last for a fraction of a second just before reaching the water‘s boiling point and then whistle.